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Pattern repeats and why they challenge us so!

Pattern repeats are everywhere we look. They are on our clothing, wallpaper, furniture, household items, rugs, dishes, home décor and fabrics just to mention a few. They are very important to a soft furnishings fabrication business because pattern placement is crucial to achieve a well made pleasing product.

Why using drapery lining is a good idea!

When should you line your window treatments?

The Art of Ornamental Trims

Passementerie, ornamental trim, has evolved over the centuries as a decorative art form used to enhance textiles and various items.

Memory Stitch for Drapery Panels Hems

In this presentation we will show you how to prevent lining and face fabric from separating.

Translucent Buckram and Semi Sheer Fabric Challenge

How to solve the problem of not enough sheer fabric width to insert a translucent buckram in a double fold casing.

Solution for applying thick trim to pillow made with thin linen.

What to do when you get a work order for linen pillows with self welt, leather trim and invisible zipper closure?

New Multi Job Project Tracker Available!

This excel workbook will help track every detail of multiple projects from start to finish. Sections included are Jobs in Tracker, Job Details, Materials, Processes Completed, Pricing & Yardage/Meterage, Change Order & Remakes, and Vendors Used. View Video

Single Job Project Tracker Update!!

We have added many new features to our project tracker! Click the link to see how it works. View Video

Matching Stripes with Invisible Zippers

In this presentation, Rose Mary shows you how easy it is to fabricate a pillow with an invisible zipper and match the stripes to the hidden zipper.

Top Down Measuring to Ensure Finished Length Accuracy

Top Down Measuring is a very important option for window treatment measuring and fabrication. It should be done when the space that the drapery hardware will be installed in is a tight spot with no margin for error. Yes, Top Down Measures does take a bit more time on the front end of the job, […]

Drapery Buckram...not exciting but necessary!

Although not an exciting part of drapery construction, buckram does make a difference in your final product!   Buckram heading is a strip of white or translucent stiffener that helps add a more defined shape to a drapery header. It comes in several sizes and weights and hides between layers of fabric and lining to create […]

New Roman Shades Workbook Released!

Roman Shade Workbook!! After much work and testing we have now released the next offering in our workbook line up. The Roman Shade Workbook will calculate yardage for fabric, trim and banding for flat and relaxed roman shades as well as quoting the labor and materials costs to complete a roman shade. Photos of the […]

Important first step...measure correctly.

One of the basic tasks of a window treatment professional is to measure accurately for the job. Whether we are measuring windows, doors, beds or whole rooms it is imperative that we measure correctly. The entire job depends on these first measurements. There are several tools that makes this task easy and efficient. The traditional […]

Do you really need a CFA?

CFA or Cutting for Approval, do you really need one? Yes, it does take time but in the long run it saves time and money. If the dye lot comes in different from the swatch or memo then that fabric can’t be used. And never cut into a bolt of fabric until the CFA is […]

A little information about one of our most important tools....Scissors!

Did you ever wonder who or when some of the most common things we use were invented? Like scissors for instance. Every day we use a variety of different scissors to do everything from cutting paper to cutting fabric. We don’t give it a thought – just find the pair we need, use them and […]

Types of Threads

Thread – Something so small is so important to a successful sewing project. In this blog post we will share with you our favorite types of thread. This list doesn’t include every thread out there so if your favorite isn’t here please tell us what it is in the comments below. First there is the […]

What is Thread Weight?

Threads and fabrics are the two most common and important elements in all types of sewing. In fabricating soft furnishings for the home, it is necessary for a good finished product to use elements that are suited for the application. Let’s talk about thread. Using the correct thread can be the difference between success and […]

Traversing Panels Workbook Updates!

We have made a few updates to the Traversing Panels Workbook. Choose the amount of fullness you need Calculate for multiple windows with the same width and same length Each page will now print on one piece of paper for easy readability Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss […]