Solution for applying thick trim to pillow made with thin linen.

One aspect of our job as soft furnishings fabricators is problem solving. These pillows are a case in point. The designer chose a thick trim with leather appliques to be placed on a cover made of thin weight linen.

If the trim was sewn directly onto the linen the fabric would pucker. Lining the fronts and backs with sateen lining to add body to the linen solved the problem-- the linen didn’t pucker at all!

The next issue to solve was the application of the invisible zippers. Normally the zippers are sewn at the bottom edge directly up to the welt cord. The trim was so thick that a zipper would never work. The solution  was to set the zipper up 2.5” from the bottom edge on the back side of the cover. The zipper went in perfectly and it won’t show since it’s on the back cover at the bottom.

Fabricators are always trying to find a better way to make their creations beautiful!

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