This is how Seamless Workroom began and it's only just begun...

Rose Mary has owned and operated a custom window treatment workroom since 1992 and for many years used her own measuring diagrams and work orders. After drafting and discarding many versions over the years, it all came together in 2013 when she had an extensive series of measurement diagrams and work orders that enabled her to improve her workroom procedures. To keep pace with technology she envisioned adapting the whole workroom efficiency package for tablets and iPads.

Rose Mary shared her concept with best friend and fellow workroom owner Amanda D. Smith. Amanda quickly grasped the significance of the diagrams and work orders and the two began developing the package for technology. A light bulb moment went off for them when the idea of converting everything to fillable forms dawned on them.

Developing Seamless Workroom has been a joy and an adventure.

“Amanda and I are thrilled to present our productivity package to fellow workroom professionals. We know that it will make your businesses more efficient just as it has for us.”


Our Team

Rose Mary LeBlanc
RML Custom Home Creations LLC

Rose Mary began her business in 1992 fabricating pillows for a local fabric store in Mandeville, Louisiana. Finding that she both enjoyed fabrication and had exceptional skills, she quickly added slipcovers, window treatments, and bedding to her repertoire.

Amanda D. Smith
Sew Unordinary LLC

Like many others in this business, Amanda did not start out as a fabricator of window treatments. She attended college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte earning a bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education.