Design Trends for 2023

If you wait long enough what was once old is new again. That is definitely the case for some of the design trends we see taking shape for2023. Here are few we are seeing take shape.


·     Arches in doorways, ceiling details and window seats

·     Private spaces to sit and relax.

·     Organic materials and shapes incorporatingmetals, rocks and harder textures.

·     Meaningful objects that will help to ease theanxieties of the outside world.

·     Wine Displays make collecting and storage an artinstallation.

·     Vintage furniture to add character to our homes.

·     More bold color in statement walls, furniture, and art

·     Multifunctional rooms that can be used for more than one purpose.

·     Painted Ceiling

·     Creative uses for wallpaper

As for fabrics and window treatments, the trends are showing us patterns in beautiful vintage looking fabrics. Green is a very popular color and browns/neutrals mixed in with whites and off whites works to ground the mixtures of colors and patterns.


Expect to see a resurgence of pinch pleated drapery as grommets and wave pleats are left behind. Handcrafted details will add drama to the windows and make them the center of attention in the room. And be on the lookout for softer shades and swags!


2023 looks to be a year of color, pattern and drama!

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