A little information about one of our most important tools....Scissors!

Did you ever wonder who or when some of the most common things we use wereinvented? Like scissors for instance. Every day we use a variety of differentscissors to do everything from cutting paper to cutting fabric. We don’t give it athought – just find the pair we need, use them and set them down somewhere.

A good pair of sharp scissors is imperative to our fabrication businesses. In fact toprotect our best scissors we guard them, hide them from the family, and doanything to keep them from ending up in the garage.It is commonly thought that scissors were invented 3000 to 4ooo years ago in theMiddle East. That’s a long time ago!

It is believed that around 1500 BC Egyptians used a two bladed device connectedby a spring like mechanism.

Then around 100 AD the Romans invented a crossblade design similar to our modern scissors.

In 1761 English manufacturer Robert Hinchliffe adapted the design so that it couldbe mass produced.

So this common object that we use every day goes back a long way. There is analmost endless variety of types of scissors for every use and need as well as leftand right handed scissors.What are your favorite scissors? What brands do you prefer? Do you have a pairthat you have owned for longer than you can remember? I have a pair of Ginghersthat are decades old. Please share with us in the comments section below.

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