Total Package

Total Package

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Get everything Seamless Workroom offers in one big bundle: Windows, Speciality Windows & Doors, Bedding & Accessories, Productivity, Traversing Panel Workbooks, Stationary Panel Workbook, and Project Tracker.

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This Bundle Includes:

  • Instructions Page
  • Client Information Form
  • Notes Page
  • Single Window
  • Single Window with Transom
  • Single Window with Arch
  • Double Window
  • Double Window with Transom
  • Double Window with Arch
  • Two Windows Spaced Apart
  • Triple Window
  • Triple Window with Transom
  • Triple Window with Arch
  • Three Windows Spaced Apart
  • Quad Window
  • Quad Window with Transom
  • Quad Window with Arch
  • Four Windows Spaced Apart
  • Bay Window
  • Corner Window
  • Palladium Window
  • Picture Window
  • Picture Window with Separate Side Windows
  • Fireplace between Single Windows
  • Single French Door
  • Single French Door with Transom
  • Double French Doors
  • Double French Doors with Transom
  • Sliding Glass Door
  • Single Door with Half Window
  • Bathtub Diagram for Shower Curtain
  • Bed Diagram
  • Bed skirt
  • Bolster Pillow
  • Duvet Cover
  • Rectangular Boxed Pillow
  • Rectangular/Lumbar Pillow
  • Round Table Drawing
  • Square Boxed Pillow/Cushion
  • Square Pillow
  • Table Skirt
  • Fabric Check in Tags
  • Installation Tags
  • Fabric Yardage Chart
  • What Direction Does the Fabric Run?
  • Panels Yardage Chart
  • Stacked Panels Width
  • Drapery Stack Back Chart
  • Drapery Pleat Styles
  • Rod Pocket Take-up Chart
  • Bedding Reference Chart
  • Fractional Decimal Chart
  • Yards to Inches Chart
  • Installation Bag Checklist
  • Measuring Bag Checklist

Productivity Workbook (includes the following):

  • Request for Quote Drapery Panels
  • Request for Quote Roman Shades
  • Request for Quote Top Treatments
  • Request for Quote Bedding and Pillows
  • Request for Quote Cushions
  • Fabric Check in Sheet
  • Sewing Order Check Sheet
  • Workroom Process Ticket
  • Change Order Form
  • Miscellaneous Purchased Items
  • Drapery Hardware Form
  • Panels Workorder
  • Installation Information

PDFs, Reference Pages, Excel Workbooks. Standard forms are configured so that they can be easily printed as well as used on notes apps such as GoodNotes or Evernote and with PDF programs such as Adobe.